What if you could count without counting?

ASETRA does.

Is logging items by hand taking too much time?
Do you find it difficult to track movement & location of your assets?

What is ASETRA?

" Thanks to faster stocktaking, we now stocktake every month as opposed to several times a year. This has improved accuracy, while reducing downtime from lack of spare parts. "
Works with existing asset management database to reduce system development cost.

With ASETRA, you can stock take, track and search your assets with one system.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 19.52.13
  • Read multiple RFID tags, asset labels, barcode and 2D codes at once, saving significant time
  • Download master data to a handheld device
  • Identify system list items that are either not available or in the wrong place
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 19.54.42
  • Read multiple items for checkout and return
  • Automate checkouts for greater efficiency and accuracy
  • Review loan-out status by asset numbers and colour identification label
  • Easily understand when items are overdue and send alerts after a set number of days
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 19.54.05
  • Search for items and tools efficiently by using a handheld device
  • Simply select the item to search and pinpoint via a target locator system
ASETRA Benefits

Read multiple RFID tags/labels at once and save time.

Track Loanouts/Returns

Automate checkouts for greater efficiency and accuracy.


Search items/tools efficiently.

Easy Implementation

Assigns ID (RFID info) to customer’s current asset numbers and offers a variety of label templates.

Discover ASETRA!

A fully-customisable package that is easy to install and reads RFID and barcodes/2D codes.

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“ Thanks to our marketing, sales and partnerships teams, we were able to better-understand demand from logistics managers and this is where ASETRA was born. We are fulfilling a gap in data management in the supply chain. ”

Emilie Delaunoy

European Marketing Manager at SATO Europe


“ This is one of the most exciting new products to be produced by SATO in partnership with our supply chain solutions providers. We're confident this is going to change the way RFID inventory tracking is implemented. ”

Daniely Amancio

Product Marketing Manager at SATO Europe